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  • Who is conducting this survey?
    The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) provides a forum for local governments working together on issues that affect the lives of everyone in the greater Phoenix region. They are a regional agency that conducts planning and makes policy decisions in a number of core areas. These include safe and smart travel, the economy and growth, environment and sustainability, and improving quality of life, all with a focus on efficient and effective operations. You may contact MAG Project Manager at or at 602-759-1925. MAG has engaged the services of ETC Institute (ETC), a market research firm that specializes in transportation research. ETC's team includes international transportation experts, such as Mobile Market Monitor (MMM) and WSP.
  • What types of travel do you want to know about?
    You will be asked to keep track of every type of travel, including walking, bicycling, automobile, ride share, public transit, etc. Any type of travel that takes you from point A to point B.
  • How do I participate in this household travel survey?
    Our team has developed mobile apps and web-based tools for collecting this household travel survey data. However, if you prefer a less high-tech option we've got you covered there as well. You can talk to one of our in-house call center employees and they can do the survey right over the phone. So, to answer your question, the survey is available: via Smartphone Application (Recommended - $20 incentive for each app user) Online (best for small children that don't own a smartphone) Over the phone with our call center
  • Who is paying my incentive?
    ETC Institute will pay your incentive. MAG DOES NOT have anything to do with your incentive.
  • How do I receive my incentive?
    ETC Institute has partnered with XOXOday. What does that mean? Well, XOXOday is one of the largest suppliers of online Visa prepaid and electronic gift cards in the US. So, shortly after your household successfully completes the household travel survey you will receive an email and/or sms (text message) that contains a link to your incentive voucher. Just click on that link and then you can select from 50 different gift card options including a Visa prepaid card option. You even have the opportunity to donate your reward amount to charity. Also, we typically email/text our incentives out once a week. So, you won't need to wait very long once you've completed your survey. If you don't see it in your email inbox check your spam or junk folder. If you ever have any issues, or need us to resend your incentive, just let us know and we will be happy to help.
  • Are you going to sell my data?
    ETC and MMM never sell your personal data. We get paid by City, County, and State government agencies to conduct survey research. We also work with public agencies like Departments of Transportation and public transit agencies. They pay us to do research. We ask you questions and present the findings to them. They then make decisions based on the collected data that make your community better because now they know they have the information they need. If you want to read our full privacy policy, look for the black bar at the top of the website. You are never under any obligation to participate in the survey.
  • How many people has ETC Institute surveyed?
    In the last 10 years, ETC Institute has surveyed over 3,200,000 people in more than 1,000 communities. Our research has laid the foundation for billions of dollars in new public investments for communities just like yours. This includes conducting many transportation surveys in the Phoenix area.
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