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We are seeking household travel survey data from all members of your family to gain insights into travel patterns in the region. For every household member who participates using our project smartphone application, 'X-ING,' a $20 gift card will be awarded. Additionally, a $5 reward will be given for each family member who participates without using the app. For example, if your household has 5 members, and 3 use the app while 2 do not, your total household reward would be $70.

Note: In order to receive your incentive email, we will need trip, person, and vehicle information from ALL household members, not just app users.

Your household may only participate once.

  • We will NOT sell your information

  • Information provided will be used for research purposes and kept confidential, except as provided by the Public Information Act.

Fill out the form below. After you submit the form, we will review your responses and contact you within a few days if your household qualifies for this survey opportunity.

*Submit button will enable in 00:00

*Any text messaging would be for communication purposes only. Data & message rates may apply

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